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Scheduling and Payments

Theo's Doggos uses a scheduling platform called Time to Pet where you'll have full control of your schedule, be able to view invoices anytime, and instantly communicate with your pet care provider. Billing is done bi-monthly for recurring weekly visits where you'd pre-pay two weeks at a time in advance. Periodic visits are pre-paid before your first visit. Your initial welcome email from Time to Pet will have more details and a link to activate your membership with Theo's Doggos.

Walks on rainy days?

Rain or shine it'll all be fine! Walks during rainy days can be a fun adventure for your pup to play in the puddles and discover new smells! Please have any doggy raincoats/booties out near the entryway of your home for walkers to find. Please always provide a doggy towel for your furry wet friend so we can get all nice and dry at the end of our mud and pud hopping adventure. Muddy paws are a no-no! On rainy days walks may be cut short by five minutes to have time for clean up time at the end. We'll make sure your friend is as dry and clean as possible for you to come home to a clean home and pup!

What about extreme weather?

Burr! Chicago can get super cold in the winter salt is always avoided to prevent painful paw burns! Summers occasionally cause scorching hot sidewalks and higher the risk of heat strokes. Theo's Doggos offers all services in any weather condition as long as it is not endangering to your pet. Walks may be cut short and restricted be a potty break only if it is dangerously hot or cold out. Don't worry your pet will enjoy the rest of their visit with the walker with plenty of indoor fun like cuddles, playing with toys, and extra training! Our walkers always dress accordingly to always be prepared to brave the elements. 

What if my pet has special needs?

We love all animals and any concerns you may have about your pet's special needs will be catered to a tee! If your pet has any disabilities such as hip dysplasia, torn ACL, allergies, or needs medications administered, we'll always cater to your pet's special needs to the best of our abilities! With extensive years of experience caring for animals with special needs, you can rest assured your pet is in good hands and will be taken care of like family!

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is to ensure walkers have their full day filled with as many walks as possible and to ensure our availability for other doggo clients who really need us!

Our current policy is full cost of the scheduled visit(s) if cancelled within 48hrs of scheduled service or 20% if any pre-paid and confirmed visits are cancelled.

Do you offer day care/boarding/overnight sitting?

Unfortunately we cannot offer these services at this time. In the future we hope to open a facility but till then we work alongside trusted partners in the industry that do offer these services. We have many suggestions to local businesses that we can recommend so feel free to ask anytime!

Are you licensed/insured?


Yes! All the legal paperwork is done so as to make sure you can depend on us no matter what! Unpredictable events may arise everyday on my routes so we are always prepared to handle any situation that may arise to better serve you and your pets best interests. Safety is always top priority at Theo's Doggos. 

For your convenience and peace of mind we can provide a copy of our most recent background checks.

All clear of course! This may be provided to you during the initial Meet & Greet. 

Hope this page helped answer your questions and concerns! Always making sure all your concerns are addressed to put you at ease. 

Please feel free to shoot me a email with any additional questions!

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