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Welcome to Theo's Doggos

Hello, my name is Theodora Iancu, proud owner and founder of Theo's Doggos.

I've made it my mission to provide EXTRAORDINARY

pet care services in Chicago and to capture images of your BFF’s personalities that will last a lifetime! Servicing Bucktown, Logan Square, Old Irving Park, Avondale, and surrounding areas. If your neighborhood isn't listed we may still be able to help so don't hesitate to call!

Check out our pet pics and prepare to squeal in awe! Hope my photos make you feel as fuzzy and warm as the fur babies in them! See recent photos and interesting posts on our social media by clicking on the underlined links right below. 

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Who's the tan four-legged baby seal you ask? His name is Max and he's the family dog and my personal little bundle of joy-not to mention he makes for a great lap-warmer!

Funny story-he sat in my lap happily for FIVE hours straight during my interview video you can find in the "About Theo" section so check that out! Isn't he just a heart-melter?


Services Menu

Everything you want and need in a Pet Care Service Provider and MORE!

Prioritizing QUALITY over Quantity Keeping You and Your Pet's BEST Interest ALWAYS.

With 20+ years of experience caring for furry friends of all kinds, you can rest assured knowing that your pet is in loving hands! 

Always willing to personalize any service to make sure your pet is well taken care of and happy.

Hope you love cute pics of your pet - who doesn't?

Creative and skilled cell-photography skills in hand, we want to give you lasting memories of your pets. Let us brighten your day with a cute relaxed pic of your pup safe and sound, smiling a slobbery smile of content-complete with a blurry wagging tail! 

Photo shoots never take more then two mins and involve lots of praise and positive reinforcement of basic commands such as sit, down, wait, and look. In no time your pup would be a natural doggy model and be happy to pose for the camera! 

Click here for our FAQs section

Dog Walking, Pet & Plant Sitting, Pet Taxi

Rain or Shine, it'll all be FINE!

No matter the weather conditions-rain or shine, your doggo will be in good hands as we stroll around the neighborhood on a mini adventure filled with new smells, treats for good behavior, and positive social interactions that will benefit the well being of your fur baby!


Pet Sitting as well as Home Check-In Visits are also available if you have any other pets or plant babies that need watering, or even if you just need some mail or a package brought in, we're here to help! Includes any personalized and special care requests you need for ALL visits.

Pet taxi rides are perfect for car loving pets that need to get from point A to point B. Treats, scratches, calming music, pet harness seat belts, and a back seat pet hammock all included!


Dog Training

Walk, Train, Sniff, Repeat!

Training is done intermittently during walks so your pup gets their freedom to explore, sniff all the smells, and expend extra energy-all in between fun confidence building training games! Parents can schedule coached training sessions with Theo so you may follow suit in her training techniques and your pup's unique training protocol! Using positive association and reinforcement training will build your doggo's confidence, and you the tools to keep your pup safe, happy, and thriving in our society. Through patience, commitment, and persistence, you'll form a healthy and even stronger bond with your dog that'll last a lifetime all based on trust and communication!

As doggy advocates, Theo's Doggos does not condone the use of any aversive tools or techniques. Dogs deserve to be understood and therefore treated for their behavioral imperfections as the unique individuals they are. There are numerous research studies proving that these techniques truly do not solve the root cause of any behavioral issues. In fact, they may only result in simply  masking behaviors by dangerously conditioning dogs to not give or show warning signs, behavioral exacerbation, forced submission, learned helplessness, and ultimately a weaker interspecies bond. Let's be better than the trainers of old, we all know our animals are all beautifully unique individuals with unique problems just like us. Let's treat them like the family they are and give them the love, respect, attention, and patience they deserve cause they certainly never fail to do that for us! Let's help them thrive in our scary world, empathy and understanding is the paw-heart shaped key!


Communication > Domination

Service Prices


Doggo Walks, Pet Taxi, Pet & House Sitting
20 min Visit = $25

40 min Visit = $50

Doggo Train 'n' Walks & Coached Session
20 min Train 'n' Walk Visit  = $30
40 min Train 'n' Walk Visit 

Coached Training Session with Theo = $60

Weekly recurring services SAVINGS Program

Please call, text, or email for more info!

Schedule a FREE Meet 'N' Greet Today!

Email, text or call now to set up a FREE Meet 'N' Greet!

Call: 312-620-6150



Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Non-business hours visits may be scheduled with a small fee-schedule permitting.

Always feel free to message anytime 24/7 with any questions or concerns!

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